T1 – Tilt Jib (3.3ft) – Varavon

<img src="http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0646/0249/products/t1_500__66168.1405468898.1280.1280_1024x1024.jpg?v=
The Varavon TILTJIB T1 3.3 ft MiniJIB is a portable, single-bar and pulley wire jib system, fully operable by one person. It allows you to easily capture shots from higher angles, as well as scale across a scene with fluid, cinematic movements. Measuring 3.3 ft, TILTJIB T1 mounts on a tripod with approximately 2.3 ft of length left past the mounting point. The pulley wire ensures that your camera will tilt up and down in accordance with your movement of the jib, based on your initial positioning of the camera. The bars is made of lightweight materials (with the entire jib totaling to 4.3 lb) and has an H-Beam design, altogether allowing for better handling and more durability. The optimal load is around 2-4 lb, but a max load of 6.6 lb is ultimately supported. The camera and tripod mount

Source: T1 – Tilt Jib (3.3ft) – Varavon


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